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No Live Matches Available.


No Live Matches Available.

General Rules:

  1. FIFA Each tournament match has a max grace period of 15 minutes to start the game after check in. If both players check in, the game must commence within 15 minutes of the check in. 

  2. If the number of players for a tournament is uneven, the tournament will issue BYES on a random basis as to be fair.

  3. After winning a match, players must wait for their next opponent to finish their game in order to check in for the next game. The timer will not start until both players have finished their previous game.

  4. If a player does not check into their match within the first 15 minutes, they may suffer an automatic loss by virtue of not showing up in the system.

  5. Both players are responsible for entering  the correct score. Scores must be submitted after every game within 5 minutes of game completion. 

  6. If at any time a player violates the rules of a tournament, or if something is unclear to a player, they can use the dispute function to report this misconduct. However, abuse of the dispute system may result in a ban. 

(**It is every player's responsibility to record and screenshot gameplay if they wish to dispute something. Any dispute without evidence will be ignored.)

Game Settings: Unless otherwise specified, or unless BOTH players agree on a specific setting, the following settings must be used (If there are any disputes of players changing these settings they must be recorded/screenshotted and filed in the dispute tab):

Match: Single Game

Half Length: 6 Mins

Controls: Any (However, Legacy Defending is not allowed)

Game Speed: Normal


Team Rating: Any team is allowed 

Formation: Custom Formations are not allowed. Players must use the default formations for a team.

(**Note if you and your opponent agree to change a certain setting, it cannot be dispute afterwards. If a game is played with settings that deviate from BattleLounges settings, it is considered final. It is the players responsibility to check the settings before playing if they are not in line with what each player agrees on.)

Match Setup:

Add your opponent as a friend on their respective platform.  Once on FIFA, games should be played in “Online Friendlies” under the “Online” menu tab. Press ‘New Friendly Season” and add your opponent. Invite them to play with the settings dictated by BattleLounge. Remember it is your responsibility to check that the game settings are in line with either BattleLounge’s settings, or the settings agreed upon by both players. Then, start the game.

Win Conditions:

You and your opponent will play the duration of the full match, even in the case of a disconnect (See Disconnections for more info). The player with the most goals scored wins the game. If at the end of the game, the score is tied, players must play “Golden Goal” by inviting the player to a new game in Online Friendlies,  and declare a winner once the first goal is scored. The “Golden Goal” game is over the second a player scores.

Additional Support Rules:

Lag Spikes: Video evidence is required, but if a player is experiencing game-breaking lag during the game that hinders their play, the game is subject to a rematch. There must be proof sent to the moderators in order for this to take place. If a player submits multiple lag reports for one game, they might be subject to a temporary ban until they can play without claiming connection issues.

Disconnections: Disconnects before entering the game must be replayed. If a player disconnects at any point in the game, they must start a new game, but with the same score and time remaining as the point at when they disconnected. I.E If a player is winning 2-1 in the 20th minute of a game and they disconnect, they must reinvite the player and score goals on each other to rese t the score to 2-1 (or keep a mental note of the score). They then must play the remaining time left of the game from the disconnect (In this case it would be 70 minutes FIFA time). How the players chose to do this is up to them. They can wait until the timer in the game reaches the time at disconnect, or simply play the remaining time and end the game early.

Cheating: Video evidence is required. Any proof of any player cheating results in an immediate ban of their account and forfeit of all prizes won.


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